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Online Combat: Team Up with Friends and Enemies in this Thrilling FPS Game

Combat Online (Combat 5) is a fast-paced, first person multiplayer shooter game created by NadGames. The game is a follow up to the original hit Combat Reloaded. Combat Online features the same awesome action-packed battles you know and love. This is visually one of the most advanced games available online

online combat

Join different types of game-modes such as FFA, CTF or Team Battle. >Enter a variety of arenas to face off against players from around the world. Not finding an arena that's challenging enough for you? In Combat Online you can create your own arenas in the map editor. Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate combat champion?

The Combat Rations Database (ComRaD) is an interactive, educational website designed for visitors to view accurate, up-to-date nutritional information about combat ration menus as well as the food components packed inside them. ComRaD enables warriors, military dietitians, food-service officers, and leaders to learn about the nutritional content of their combat rations and use this information to help fuel for optimal performance. ComRaD is a collaborative effort between HPRC, U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) Soldier Center, and U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine (USARIEM).

The Combat Rations Database (ComRaD) is an interactive, educational website designed for visitors to view accurate, up-to-date nutritional information on individual combat ration menus as well as the individual food components packed inside them. ComRaD enables warriors, military dietitians, food service officers, and leaders to learn about the nutritional content of their combat rations and use this information to help with fueling for optimal performance. ComRaD is a collaborative effort between the Human Performance Resource Center, Natick Soldier Research, Development, and Engineering Command, and United States Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine.

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First Strike Ration (FSR for short) is a compact, nutritionally optimized ration intended for use during high-intensity, highly mobile combat operations. It is designed to be consumed on-the-go and contains an entire day's nutrition in a single-menu package. Technology at work again: FSR's weight and volume are 50% less compared to MRE, to reduce the load of warriors during short-term, high-intensity operations. For more information on this ration, please see the Leader's Guide to Operational Rations.

Combat Sites are a broad class of locations involving player versus environment (PvE) combat, usually in engagements against pirate faction enemies. Combat sites can be found throughout all types of space in New Eden, now including null security and wormhole space. The rewards for completing a given site can also vary due to the nature of rare loot mechanics: most sites have a (largely unknown) percentage-based chance to spawn a uniquely named enemy ship, which in turn has its own chance to drop random Deadspace or Faction modules, or even unique blueprint copies.

Combat sites are usually found via exploration and most fall into one of two broad categories: combat anomalies and cosmic signatures. The most notable difference is that anomalies do not need locating, while cosmic signatures must be found using Core Scanner Probes. Combat sites found as cosmic signatures may be further divided into DED rated complexes, unrated complexes, and chemical labs. In general, cosmic signature combat sites are considered to be both more dangerous and more rewarding than combat anomalies found in similar areas of space.

Like missions, the type and amount of enemy ships found in a particular combat site is consistent across all instances of the site, with only a small, pre-determined amount of variance. The enemies present in a given combat site can belong to one of six factions in New Eden: Serpentis, the Angel Cartel, the Blood Raider Covenant, the Guristas Pirates, Sansha's Nation, or the Rogue Drones, and most combat sites are named for the faction found within. Unlike missions, combat sites do not feature any enemy ships from any of the four empires, nor are there combat sites guarded by ORE or the Sisters of EVE. Hostile NPCs from the Mordu's Legion pirate faction only appear in the Besieged Covert Research Facility. All enemy ships within a combat site have bounties that are paid to the player who kills them, and if that player is part of a fleet, the bounty is divided evenly among all fleet members on-grid. As a general rule, bigger ships (such as battlecruisers and battleships) or uniquely named ships (such as those belonging to pirate leaders or complex overseers) will award higher bounties, and will also be harder to destroy.

Expeditions and COSMOS sites are unique combat sites that do not fall into any of the above categories. Expeditions are unique chains of combat sites that may be triggered when a player fulfils certain conditions in an Unrated Complex, and the associated sites can only be reached via the Agency window. COSMOS sites are static combat sites that can be found in several constellations across New Eden, and are marked by beacons that are automatically visible on the overview. These sites reward items required for COSMOS missions, materials for Storyline modules, Faction modules, and other rare items, but can be entered at any time.

Running combat sites, is the act of entering and clearing the sites of hostile NPC ships (a.k.a. "rats"). Clearing these sites greatly benefit from having a PvE ship that can deal with the type of pirate ships you will face. Below you will find the combat sites divided up according to the pirate faction that you will find in these sites, so make sure your ship is equipped to handle them.

Most Cosmic Anomalies are combat anomalies inhabited by pirates.[1] Unlike cosmic signatures, they do not need any scanning equipment to locate, and instead will automatically appear in the scanning window after a short delay upon entering a system. Because of this, combat anomalies, particularly those found in high-security space, represent an entry-level set of combat sites that many new players will encounter. All anomalies consist of a single grid without acceleration gates that can be entered by any type of ship. Combat anomalies will spawn multiple waves of hostile NPCs, and have a low chance to spawn a commander ship that can drop faction items; they also have a small chance of escalating into a DED rated complex.

With the exception of Rogue Drone sites, all combat anomalies follow a naming scheme of . The denotes the difficulty of the site, and follows an identical pattern for all factions except Rogue Drones. Generally, the higher the difficulty of the site, the higher the rewards for completing it. Each faction's sites will only appear in their designated regions (with the exception of Rogue Drone sites, which can appear anywhere). For example, the Heimatar region has Angel Cartel rats, and therefore only Angel Cartel and Rogue Drone combat sites can be found there. For a list of which pirate factions can be found in which regions, see Dotlan.

The difficulty of possible combat anomalies depends on the security status of the system, with higher security status equating to easier sites. Within high-sec (security status 1.0 to 0.5), sites in the lowest difficulty tier (in terms of difficulty/ value) will be found. Low-sec (security status of 0.4 to 0.1) contains the middle tier, and the highest tier will be found within nullsec. The security level of the space where Rogue Drone sites are found also affects the difficulty of the site.

DED complexes are a type of cosmic signature that has been rated on a difficulty scale of 1/10 to 10/10 by CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department. Lower rated sites contain weaker enemies, and limited ship class access. DED rated complexes are found using Core Scanner Probes, or are received as an escalation from a combat anomaly. There are no 9/10-rated DED complexes, however some consider the Fleet Staging Point to be their equivalent.

Unlike other combat sites, DED rated complexes do not have additional enemy spawns; all enemies begin on-grid in each pocket. Many DED rated complexes also contain locked gates that may be unlocked by a certain trigger. This makes blitzing possible, as not all enemies need to be cleared to proceed. The sites also always contain one or more overseer structures or overseer ships that can drop deadspace modules, a pirate ship BPC or very rarely a faction module. The overseer that drops deadspace modules will always drop 0-5 modules. Each possible deadspace module has same chance to drop and no more than one module of same type can drop at once. Some DED complexes contain additional targets that have a very low probability to drop a Faction module. Additionally overseers always drop Overseer's Personal Effects that can be sold to NPC buy orders to earn ISK.

Chemical Labs are Cosmic Signatures, and may be found by scanning with Core Scanner Probes. Even though the probe scan window categorizes these as "gas sites", they are actually combat sites. To access all possible rewards you will need to hack containers using a Data Analyzer module. You will also need to take care of the hostiles unless you can tank them all while hacking.

Combat relic sites are extremely rare combat sites that are only found in certain Nullsec regions. Though they are cosmic signatures and seems like relic sites, they appear to Probes as combat sites. These particular sites are often harder than normal, gated, and only allow up to T2 Battleships to enter.

Certain constellations contain COSMOS combat sites, which are connected to COSMOS missions but may be accessed at any time. These sites appear as a static complex beacon that is visible in the Overview. COSMOS sites can be located using the Star Map and the "DED deadspace reports" or combat signatures tag setting. Not all static DED sites are combat sites, some of them are landmarks or Epic Mission Agent locations.

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